There Is ONE Thing You Need To Know About ...

Martin Boeddeker
Creator of FindFocus

From the desk of Martin Boeddeker
Altenbeken, Germany



Good decision my friend ..


I'm pretty sure you'll love the distraction free environment I created for you (even though it might be completely different from what you would expect from a software company)


Before we continue, I must say this ..


FindFocus was created for a very specific type of person ...


A person who cares about "FOCUS" and "Values Time"


If this is not you, I can assure you that what I have to offer is not for you and that now is the right time to leave this page.


For everyone else ...


What you’re about to get is going to blow your mind...


I know this because what I created blew the minds of many (many many) people who wanted to stop distractions before you.


They - just like you - believe that their work will be better if they create an environment that allows them to do "Deep Work."  


They use FindFocus to solve their biggest pain ..


(their pain is your pain ..)


Their & your problem =  You start out with the right intention and motivation but only

to find yourself getting distracted a few minutes later. 


Just ONE click can send you on a journey that can last for hours and prevents you from getting any meaningful work done. 


It’s a problem many people working online are facing.

Nothing new.


The beautiful thing about your particular problem is ..


It can be solved.


Just like it helped solving it for a lot of people already :-)


In fact, what I created was so good that even Steve Lambert, the creator of the famous SelfControl App for Mac decided to support our mission. 




In fact, if what I’m going to share with you doesn’t make you feel like how Steve feels about me and what I put out there ..


Then I failed.


Read what Jeff posted on his blog about his FindFocus experience: 


Here is the thing.


Before you can access to FindFocus for free...


I have one single task I need you to complete now (READ: Now) ... (to “get access” to this distraction free environment so to say ..)


In order to "move on", and receive access to FindFocus for free... 


I need your permission to remind you of your intentions. 


That’s why I need you to sign up for FindFocus with your email.


Just enter your email, click the confirmation link and give me permission to remind you of your intentions to stay focused in the following days. 


Once you confirm your email 
(and only if you actually do ..)


You will receive access to FindFocus for free. 

You will be subscribed to a short email series that will help you to get started with FindFocus as well as a collection of tools that I use to run my business and stay focused (that will save you tons of researching time - promise!)

I explain in detail how I use FindFocus with a unique system that is used by the most prolific people in the world.  


Plus you'll get one surprise :-)




Then please clicking on the red button and get access to FindFocus now. 


(So you can have the same experience as Ben who wrote this email to me one week after he committed himself to use FindFocus)


oh and  ..


These email reminders are not (Read: Not!) a standard email sequence or sales pitch...


I want our relationship to start out great. 


I want to blow your mind with respect-based and life-saving reminders to make sure you follow through and stay focused. 


I'm going to wow you with so much value ...


Now go and click on the red button... 
(once you confirm your email it will subscribe you to a free email course ..)


This is your decision ...


... It's where you decide what is going to happen next.


Welcome. To. My. World. 


Ready to find focus?


All the best


P.S. FindFocus is targeted to people who value their time. FindFocus is one of the most advanced and efficient Anti-Procrastination tools out there. (These are not my own words but from an independent Software-Review on Softpedia.)


This is a professional tool build to protect your At-tention and reminds you of your In-tention.


If you do not value your time, this may not be the right tool for you as I help people & businesses who are not afraid to spend some money to help them to create their distraction-free work environment.


I hope this makes sense :-)


And here’s something else to think about.


As Sergiu Gatlan from Softpedia pointed out. 


FindFocus was created from the ground up with a single purpose in mind:

to give you all the tools you require to get your work done.


Once you've mastered its Sequences and Schedule modules, you will most likely become unstoppable in your fight for boosting your daily productivity.


FindFocus is a powerful tool.


It will take a few days to find your ideal settings. 


Once you confirmed your email address I will ask you to Pre-Commit yourself


That’s exactly how you win.


It’s how you find focus and get things done.


But enough for now.


You will see what I mean once you click on the red button below to get started for free.

© FindFocus by Martin Boeddeker. All Rights Reserved.